My  name is  Tim  Silva, and ever since I  was  introduced  to  the  subject  of web   design  I  have   had  a   passion for  it. I  started  up  on  the  geocities free   web    hosting   plan   like   most newbies  do. Once  I figured  out  what to do through hours of confusion, I got a little    site  up  which   has  became  known   as   ''.  This   small  personal   site   was   my   very   first creation.  I    became    sick    of   the limited  geocities  crap  hosting,  and  I began a search for something  better. I met  someone   who   is  now  a  friend  of  mine  which   has  provided  me with  excelent,  powerful,   and  limitless   web  hosting. Then,  since I  had  capabilities  to  free  lance, I  began  working  offline more. From  then on I have  been  working  on  several  projects  which  are archived in the online portfolio.

I am a 17 year old, senior in High School, living in Southern California. I enjoy skateboarding  with friends, sleeping with pillows and blankets, and watching lots of movies (not TV). I drive  a rockiní 2000 Ford  Taurus and run a 3200+ AMD Processor  powered  by 1GB of RAM. I like Roast  Beef  Sandwiches, but potato salad can go to hell. I have a random  personality, and taco=mailbox. My other interests include; Psychology, self-expressive art, and productively wasting my days…

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