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-=Web Designing and Productions=-

This web site is my personal profile for me to show users what work I can do for them if they would someday like to be a client of mine. There are provided links to my personal sites, projects, or examples for users to see what style and capabilities I have. If you are satisfied with how I organize, use colors, create layouts, and enjoy any of my web creations, then feel free to E-Mail me to propose that you would like to have me build a web site for you. I will follow these guidelines for all sites I create. If you would like to add or remove any of the specifics, then please be welcome to suggest them to me straight forward. My Guidelines are as follows;

  • All pages will not be hosted by me, or anything I will be paying for.
  • Layouts will be designed by me, with, or without your guidance.
  • I will make sure and go over everything to ensure that you are satisfied.
  • If you would like to add or remove anything from anywhere, ask me.
  • I will not pay for hosting, or domains, but I will help you in the process.
  • I will make any type of site you prefer, as long as it is html, flash, or css.
  • I personally have a great respect for the power off css. Having a strong knowledge of it can benefit someone's skills at an incredible level. You can create power interfaces which could not be made unless you used images. But, css potentially can make a page load faster because it is code, not images(which takes up alot of space). You will find navigation bars like this all over the place, so any smart web designer with definitely integrate css into any pages they can. Here is an example I created to show what the power off css can do. Click here

    -=Video Production and Editing=-

    I also have video production skills which could also be put to use if you or someone you
    know would like to have some clips edited. I do not do camera work or filming, unless it
    has been thoroughly discussed and I agree to the needs. I can edit digital tapes such
    as MiniDV or any digital tapes recorded from a digital camcorder. I have been experimenting
    and have mastered video editing, cutting, and timing over my years of being an active
    video producer. I have the ability to burn completed videos to DVD and add customized
    Menu Layouts for the DVD. I have been around this subject long enough to say that I am
    able to satisfy your needs. 3d effects and animations are not a part of what I do. I simply
    cut, produce, and finalize video. But I will be learning 3d animation and effects in the near
    future. So keep this in mind. My requirements:

  • Videos must be on a digital device. (MiniDV, CD-R, etc.)
  • If you are not in near distance from me, you must send the footage to me.
  • No 3d animations or special effects will be implemented into the videos.
  • Payments will be discussed and will vary depending on length and difficulty.
  • I will somehow send you previews and I won't finalize anything until you are satisfied.

    Here are my preview videos for you to view;


    With my experience, I have decided that there are three very important
    elements to producing a nice peice of work, out of prerecorded footage;

    1.) The traditional and most known - Well done acting, lighting, etc.(Director stuff)
    2.) Camera man work; Tripods, zooming, steadiness, picture quality, timing, etc.
    3.) The editing process; Adding appropriate music, exact timing, etc. (My job)

    If all of these are completed and have reached satisfactory, then we have created
    a well made movie and can begin the final productions.

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