Dip Shitz.

"Dip Shitz" is a series of home-video styled movies that had stunts, skits, falls, fights, tricks, insane drops/stair set gaps (at the time), skateboarding, go-pedding, know-pedding, fights, pranks, social experiments, and many other fun and dangerous activies before YouTube even existed. The first video was created by myself, Tim Silva, during my freshmen year in high school. The people in the videos alternated over time along with the variety of featured footage. It was a passion project that lasted over several years, roughly between 2002 and 2006, until I became far more focused on design than film. Luckily, we didn't get into any serious trouble while producing these videos. Yay for the statute of limitations! Stay connected: Facebook | YouTube

You can (1) watch each segment of each movie on this website by clicking on the navigation links or the smaller thumbnails below, (2) watch each clip or playlist on our YouTube channel [Note: A few clips were taken down or had audio removed], (3) watch the full videos from the players on this page, or (4) you can download your own copies of these movies in the H.265 or H.264 codecs.

Note: The H.265 and H.264 videos are virtually the exact same quality. H.265, aka x265 or HEVC, is the more current compression codec, meaning that the filesizes will be significantly smaller with no detectable different in quality. Not all devices are equipped with software (or hardware) to support H.265, so I am including H.264 as an option just in case for older devices. The quality isn't great with either option, and thats because the source footage was done with basic, home-video equipment and camcorders. Enjoy!

Watch Dip Shitz Watch Dip Shitz 2: Dayz of Know-Pedding Watch Dip Shitz 3 - The Unfinished Project

Play Dip Shitz 1: Originz (2003)

Dip Shitz 1 :: Originz

Download Dip Shitz 1: H.265/x265/HVEC (MP4) (546 MB) | H.264/x264/MPEG-4 AVC (MP4) (707 MB)
(Released: 2003) (Duration: 01:04:32) (Title(s): [I] Dip Shitz, [II] Dip Shitz 1: Originz)

Play Dip Shitz 2: Dayz of Know-Pedding (2004)

Dip Shitz 2 :: Dayz of Know-Pedding

Download Dip Shitz 2: H.265/x265/HVEC (MP4) (565 MB) | H.264/x264/MPEG-4 AVC (MP4) (761 MB)
(Released: 2004) (Duration: 01:32:10) (Title(s): [I] Dip Shitz 2: Dayz of Know-Pedding)

Play Dip Shitz 3: The Unfinished Project (2005)

Dip Shitz 3 :: The Unfinished Project

Download Dip Shitz 3: H.265/x265/HVEC (MP4) (434 MB) | H.264/x264/MPEG-4 AVC (MP4) (531 MB)
(Released: 2005) (Duration: 00:40:52) (Title(s): [I] Dip Shitz 3: The Unfinished Project)



After switching my web hosting service for reasons unrelated to this mini-site, I decided to spend a few hours cleaning up this little historical marker. I recompressed the Dip Shitz movies in H.265 instead of H.264 to save filesize without comprimising the already low quality of these ancient, pre-cloud, pre-smartphone, camcorder-style videos. I also fixed up some bad code that I wrote to future-proof the site a little more. It is mindblowing that the first Dip Shitz movie I made was done ~14 years ago, about half of my life ago... (I will be turning 28 in a few weeks). On a personal note, I have spent this secondary half of my life pursuing my design career (and business more recently). I do have goals to create more video content in this upcoming, third chapter of my life as I have always deeply appreciated the craft of story telling and communication through film.

*Update: I also reconsidered the naming of the movies. As lame as the "z" in "Dip Shitz" is, I gave the first film a secondary name, "Dip Shitz 1: Originz" to be consistent with the word "Dayz" in the sequel's title. I almost added a "k" in "Dip Shitz 3: The Unfinished Projekt" but that's too much. :p


The videos can now be watched on the front of the website. I also finally got the official Facebook Dip Shitz page up: http://www.facebook.com/dipshitz


In July (2010), I started seeking out methods to combine all of the separate clips from the three movies into single files of decent quality and filesize. Between August 2nd and today (August 4th), I was able to join and render each segment into all-in-one AVI (XviD) and MP4 (H.264) versions for all three of the movies. These are available for download. *Edit (2016/05/10): These old versions were replaced with re-encoded H.265 and H.264 videos. The quality is the same, and the new filesizes are much smaller.


I haven't made many updates to this part of the site in a long time, but I did upload all of the dip shit videos, including the extras, onto the official dipshitz youtube account. View the full movie playlists:

YouTube: Dip Shitz 1 - [2002/2003]
YouTube: Dip Shitz 2: Dayz of Know-Pedding [2003/2004]
YouTube: Dip Shitz 3: The Unfinished Project - [2004/2005]

Some of the youtube videos have had their audio removed because of copyright nonsense. If you experience this problem, watch those parts from this website instead on the video pages.


*I went through and recompressed all of the videos because they were taking too long to download for most internet connections (including mine). They are more than 3 times smaller than they were before, and the quality difference hard to notice. Also, if the videos lagged in fullscreen before, they won't anymore. The extras section is still in development.


The official "Dip Shitz" Website Launch (December 2007, released over a few days)

Yes! There is finally a web site for the Dip Shitz movies! And, you can watch them all online! It took me about two weeks to rip all the DVDs and compress them properly, but it was totally worth all the time and effort. I ran into several problems with the flash player not playing back certain parts of videos and internet explorer wasn't running the videos at all. I finally got all the bugs out of the way after about two weeks and everything should work fine in IE6, IE7 & FF. I almost spilled the beans twice with this site by giving it away before it was finished, but I luckily stopped myself in time. Hopefully everyone who was involved gets a chance to see this, even though most of us took different paths in life we should never forget the days when we were young and stupid. I am very glad to have made these videos.


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All video materials on this site are owned by myself, Tim Silva, and they cannot be reproduced anywhere else without my permission. I edited, produced, and therefore own these video clips. If you would like to use these clips for anything, please feel free to contact me. Please keep in mind that these movies were created by a group of teenagers (myself included) who were really just simply having fun and catching it all on tape. These movies are heavily inspired and based on the CKY series, Jackass, and many, many skateboarding videos.