I have chosen the works below because of their quality, style, and relevance. They focus specifically on my ability to design web sites and interfaces as well as bring them to life by making them coded and fully functional. I code and develop websites according to the most recent web standards (XHTML & CSS) to ensure the highest level of quality.

If you would like to inquire about my services, please feel free to message me so I can give you a free estimated quote for your project or answer any questions you may have. Thank you for visiting my site, and I hope you enjoy your stay.
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Your Biz. - Web Design - December 2007
Your Biz. This was another experimental layout. I wanted to make something orange.
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Tropical Beach Resort - Web Design - December 2007
Tropical Beach Resort
Tropical Beach Resort I went to Hawaii a few months ago and ever since then making a tropical themed web design has been on my mind. This was a very fun design it was a good way of learning how to make organic elemtents thrive in a web design. The live version features and audio track and a simple animation to set the tropical mood.
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Crysis.si - Full Web Site (+ Flash) - November 2007
Crysis.si This is a slovenian clan web site for the new popular FPS game Crysis. The web site I made for them is no longer online, so I uploaded onto my server.
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Simple Cream Portfolio - Web Design - September 2007
Simple Cream Portfolio
Simple Cream Portfolio This was just a concept I came up with that was different from my normal style. I had been creating mostly dark/tech interface designs and this was one of the first clean layouts I made that really inspired me to continue that kind of work.
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GetMils Concept 2 - Web Design - August 2007
GetMils Concept 2 I created this design for a client who was looking for something professional and bare-boned with a simple color scheme.
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'YourSite' Random Design - Web Design - July 2007
'YourSite' Random Design This is just a simple, clean design.
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Justin's Drum Lessons - Web Design - June 2007
Justin's Drum Lessons My old brother was looking into starting his own drum lessons and was curious about a web site for it. The site never reached development, but the design and colors would have worked well online.
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blankroad - Full Web Site - June 2007
blankroad Scattered along the length of California, Blank Road is a band of songwriters, singers and musicians dedicated to creating original music in the American rock, folk and pop traditions. For more than 30 years, the members of Blank Road have been writing, arranging and performing their original material. The band has now begun an effort to commit its extensive and growing catalogue of original songs to the scrutiny of the recording studio - and to make this collection available to friends, fans and music lovers everywhere.
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sleekWhite - Interface Design - June 2007
sleekWhite This was an experimental interface/web layout based on an earlier work of mine called "sleekBlack" that you can see by scrolling down. This version however, is based off of a white shape with lots of subtle details that makes it more interesting to look at as a whole.
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sleekBlack v2 - Interface Design - June 2007
sleekBlack v2 This is the second attempt at making an all black shape come to life by adding details to the inner frame to create a sleek looking effect. Working on this was very interesting and I learned a lot about Photoshop in the process.
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Portfolio (v7) - Full Web site - April 2007
Portfolio (v7) This was the previous version of this web site. It was my first attempt at creating a dynamic portfolio web site that wasn't made in flash. Most of my older work has a lot of flash involved, but because of the obvious compatibility issues with flash, I have recently moved into the XHTML/CSS area of web design. This portfolio site was an experiment, and I liked how much easier it was to work with hybrid web sites.
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Sobitart v2 - Full Flash Web site - March 2007
Sobitart v2 Chad Pennington of Sobitart came to me a few years ago in need of a cool flash portfolio web site. After the first version was made, he wanted something fresh and new, so he designed the layout for v2 and sent it over to me for development. It was one of my favorite flash web sites to develop, as well as one of the most advanced. I still work with Chad on other web projects, all of which you can see in the archive section of my web site.
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sleekBlack - Interface Design - February 2007
sleekBlack This was a personal experiment with creating a smooth metallic surface from scratch. I have continued using the technique in this interface in many other designs. I have a strong and fascinating interest in dark/tech interface design, and this was my first attempt at bringing an originally all black shape to life using only gradients, the selection tool, and blending modes.
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Portfolio (v6) - Full Flash Web site - February 2007
Portfolio (v6) This is the sixth portfolio website I made, and at the time is was the most advanced site I ever made both graphically and functionally. All the content was dynamic and easy to update, and the entire website loaded fast. I used flash, actionscript, php, html, css, photoshop, after effects, and javascript to make it work the way I envisioned it. It also included a full featured right click menu, advanced mp3/music player, and interactivity and smooth scrolling on all pages. I won multiple awards and recognitions for its advanced look and feel.
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Sonoma County Project Graduation - Full Web site - January 2007
Sonoma County Project Graduation Sonoma County Project Graduation was founded in 1987 in response to increasing drug and alcohol use among students on their graduation night – statistically the most dangerous night of the year for young people. Inspired by an alcohol and drug free party thrown by Sonoma Valley High School, the very first Project Grad was organized for five Santa Rosa schools by a group that included CHP officers, MADD members, 4H representatives, and other community leaders. Since then, the efforts have spread from the Santa Rosa district to eighteen schools across Sonoma County.

For curious viewers who would like to see a more comprehensive collection of my works, take a look at my deviantArt gallery as well as the archive section of this web site which consists of projects I have done starting from 2002 until now. The archive section is split into three different categories; (1) client projects, (2) previous portfolio sites, and (3) personal artworks and projects. Some of these do not reflect my current style or preferences. However, I have chosen to keep these online because I believe that archiving them might be able to inspire someone or catch the interest of viewers. Plus you can see how much progress I have made since I started this kind of work a few years ago. Some of the projects in these folders were done for other designers, so I do not take credit for some of the graphical work. This mostly applies to some of the flash works and coded web sites within these folders. If you need more information on any of these projects, feel free to message me.
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