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Some random facts about me

-My Name is: Tim Silva
-My favorite of the Seven Dwarfs is: The retarted one...
-My proudest moment was: When I ran into my door in the hall way and got a black eye.

These are my favorite websites, and why I like them:

I like google simply because it is fast, simple, and has the most advanced settings.
Another amazing part about Google is that it always changes its image to an appropriate theme. It
is a really fun site. It is even apropriate enough to be the homepage of the majority of the worlds computers...
I am an active member of this site, no further comment necesary... hehehe
I would give further information on this, but I would prefer not to. (bleh, blah, blueay, blegde)
I therfor will type and ramble on so that way I can have a paragraph (bleh, blah, blueay, boo)
here. I think that is good... ... ...
This is a great site that I have used for years that I still frequently visit.
Even though it has been bought out to not host many files, it still has many things
to offer. It also has a really good set-up on Virus Protection, Spyware, Adware, malware,
trojans, ect. It is still amongst my favorate and most used sites.
This is a good site when it comes to getting a video onto a DVD.
There is alot here, and I highly recomend checking it out. You can learn alot if you
are willing to.

Here are my pages... check frequently for new stuff.

[12/15]Click here for my StyleBoard/Frameset project!

[/11/22]Click here for my Awsome Picture made with Fireworks!/

[11/22]Click here for my High resolution version of the picture! -{[1280x1024]}-

Click here for my Online AutioBio!

Click here for my experiments page! You will not beleive how crazy it is!!! Not that crazy...

This is my page where I am learning tables.

This is my Image Optimization Page

This is the page for the rest of my links

This is my search page.

This is my generations and history of web design page.

What I want to do with my Web Design skills...

I am looking into making several types of sites. I want to have an autobio website focusing on my life and my friends. I also want to make a fun/comedy site for people to use when they are bored. One of my main interests it to make a p2p based site. I want to host my personal favorite p2p Clients.

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